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Customer reviews for our optical services

Di and John

Are you located in Huddersfield or the surrounding areas? Benefit from our wide range of optical services which include eyecare, frames and a lot more! We have several years of experience in serving the needs of our delighted customers. Here's what they have to say about our optical services in Huddersfield.

"Having recently had our eyes tested at Beaumont Opticians, we were easily persuaded to buy new glasses due to the wide choice of frames and price range. We feel we ought to compliment the staff and in particular Angela for her professional and attentive service. Her knowledge tinged with humour made the experience particularly enjoyable. Her suggestion of suitable frames was absolutely "spot on". She certainly has the talent for knowing what suits faces and pockets."

"I recently bought some new glasses from Beaumont Opticians. I have had to wear glasses for nearly 35 years, being very short sighted, so have had some experience with different opticians and generally find the whole process rather fraught and stressful. But not this time. I can honestly say that it was the easiest, straightforward and trouble free purchase I can remember making. Angela was just fabulous in helping me find frames which really suit me and which I really love - always the hardest part. The optometrist was great - and the delivery was really quick. So I wanted to say thank you for offering friendly, helpful, efficient and all round good service."

"I made the decision to move to varifocals upon the advice of the Dispensing Optician at Beaumont Opticians. They have changed my life, my vision is much clearer and I can now read, without changing spectacles. Awesome!"